Reentry Lifeskills


We are pleased to offer these correspondence courses to your friends or family members who are incarcerated. Individuals that are incarcerated are much more inclined to evaluate their lives and look for ways to improve compared to when they are not in jail or prison. In other words, this is a great time for them to be working on the issues that are limiting their progress. ACCI’s life skills course are easy to read and are written in story format. The course are written about real people with real problems, and how they overcame their obstacles. The course give time-tested skills which have been proven to help people become happier and more productive.
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Cognitive-Behavioral Lifeskills

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You can purchase any of the individual courses below. (Just check the box and click “Add to Cart”.)
Alternatively, you can download the Course Catalog. If you would like to order MULTIPLE courses, you will receive the following discount: 3 or more courses = 5% discount, 6 or more courses = 10% discount, and all 12 courses = 15% discount. What will your incarcerated friend or family member receive for $55.00? A workbook of choice + Instructions + A prepaid self-addressed envelope (postage paid by ACCI) + Completion certificate.