Reentry Lifeskills

Reentry Lifeskills Coach

We appreciate your support for individuals who are incarcerated. Your support plays a critical role in how well they serve their sentence and how prepared they are to return to society. As you purchase one or more courses for an incarcerated person, you will also create a Reentry Coach Account on our Lifeskills Link Platform. Using your account will allow to stay involved in their participation in our program. 

Lifeskills Link Account

The Lifeskills Link Platform is an efficient and effective way to share program participation details with you as the reentry coach. 

Purchase Completed Course To Be Mailed Back

Most incarcerated individuals that complete one or more of our courses, appreciate having their completed course mailed back to them. In some ways, their course has been a journal and a journey of self-discovery.

View Tracking Details

If your purchase priority shipping upon check out, you will always have access to tracking information from the United States Postal Service. Keep in mind that once the correctional facility receives the package, it can take several more days for the institution to scan, sort and deliver mail to the individuals.

Access Completion Certificate

Each incarcerated individual will receive a certificate of completion for each course they successfully complete. As the Reentry Coach, will also be able to access and view their completion certificates.

View Course Evaluations

The course evaluations are an excellent way to understand the incarcerated person’s experience are identify how the course impacted them. 

Free eLearning Course

As a reentry coach, you will have access to a free eLearning course that can assist you in supporting an incarcerated person through their reentry journey.