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January 27, 2023

What Can I Send to Someone in Prison or Jail?

If you have a friend or family member in jail, you may wonder what you can send to them. While there are some restrictions on what items can be sent to people in prison, there are still plenty of options for things that you can send to your loved one that will make their time in jail a bit more bearable. You can be their light during this difficult time and remind them that they are not alone.

You Can Send Letters, Postcards, and Photographs to People in Jail


Sending a piece of mail to someone in jail can be a great way to stay connected and bring some joy into their lives. This act of kindness that many people take for granted can be one of the most beneficial tools for those incarcerated. Nowadays, we’re so busy racing around that it’s often hard to find the time to sit down and write something meaningful. Sending letters, postcards, and photographs provides a way to communicate with the incarcerated individual that is real and tangible. Not only will they know you are thinking about them, but they will also receive inspirational messages or short stories that may lift their spirits in an otherwise difficult situation. Put thoughtful effort into writing your notes and expressing how much you care.

All Forms of Contraband Is Prohibited To Send to Incarcerated Individuals


Contraband items are anything that may be deemed a hazard to an institution’s safety and security. Examples of contraband include, but are not limited to, food, tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, weapons, and other potentially hazardous items. Anything that could be used as a weapon or for self-harm is also prohibited. It is important to be aware of what items are allowed in the institution before sending any mail or packages and to be mindful of any items that could be mistaken for contraband.

Additionally, there are limits on the number of postage stamps and other items, such as stationery and envelopes, that may be sent to the incarcerated individual. Any attempts to send such items will not be tolerated and can result in the prosecution of those who commit this offense. It is essential that members of the public refrain from trying to send prohibited materials to keep everyone safe – both inside and outside the prison walls.

Always Include the Person’s Name and Incarceration Number on Everything You Send


It is important to always include the name and incarcerated number of the person you are sending mail to when sending any correspondence, especially in prisons where security is a top priority. Taking that extra step can help ensure your letters, cards, and other items reach the intended recipient inside the prison. If, for some reason, you do forget any of this information, contact the prison or correctional facility to get that information, so your letter does not end up getting lost or returned to sender.

Be Aware of the Restrictions That May Be in Place


With the prevalence of social distancing, sending physical mail to your incarcerated loved one has become a meaningful way to bridge the gap between them and you. Although there is potential for a productive conversation through traditional communication, it is important to keep in mind that there may be restrictions on what you can send based on the prison’s rules for safety and hygiene reasons. Before writing messages or putting together a care package, make sure you are familiar with and compliant with the established regulations, not just for security purposes but also out of respect for other incarcerated individuals. To be safe, connect with the correctional facility’s staff to find out what items are allowed and appreciated.

By following these guidelines, you can send kind and meaningful messages to your incarcerated loved one. Your effort and thoughtfulness can provide comfort, hope, and light in difficult situations. With a little bit of effort, you can truly make a difference in someone else’s life and remind them that there is love and support outside the prison walls.

What Does Reentry Lifeskills Offer?


Reentry Lifeskills offers individuals who have been incarcerated the opportunity to take correspondence courses while they are inside. Far from being idle time, many nations believe that being within confinement presents a unique window of personal growth and development. Our courses are written in story format, with real-life problem scenarios and how the characters in each story learn to solve them in productive ways. Each course is designed to equip individuals with essential life skills, allowing them to become self-reliant and return to society better than before. In this way, Reentry Lifeskills aims to give people the tools they need to survive incarceration and thrive upon their release. We want to ensure that those inside have the resources they need to gain control over their lives and prepare for successful reentry.

Incarcerated Individuals Are People Too


Referring to people in prison as “incarcerated individuals” is a way of showing respect and emphasizing their humanity, despite the fact that they are paying the consequence for their crimes. The terms “inmate” and “prisoner” can have a dehumanizing effect because they connote someone who has been stripped of all rights and is under complete control by authority. By using the term “incarcerated individual,” we emphasize the core conviction that even though someone may be deprived of their liberty, they are still human beings who, hopefully, will one day be released back into society with a chance to lead a productive life.

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At Reentry Lifeskills, we strive to break down barriers between those who are inside and the world outside. Our team is committed to helping incarcerated individuals develop the skills they need to succeed upon release. It’s why we work hard to create quality courses that can help bridge the gap between confinement and freedom. We are driven every day to balance justice with compassion and provide incarcerated individuals with second chances through the power of education.
If you would like more information about our services or have any questions, please contact us today. We look forward to helping your incarcerated loved one on their journey to a better life.

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